Hill Country Advisors works with a limited number of clients (start-ups, not-for-profit, established brands) providing strategic planning services focused on marketing communications, product marketing, sales enablement, and sales funnel development. Read our latest blog post.


Strategic Marketing

Do you need a strategic marketing plan?  Have you survived with junior marketers and need an experienced marketer to evaluate your plans?  

Based on the corporate goals, we define the brand goal, develop 2-4 personas, and create a Buyer’s Journey that maps content and resources to each persona.  This establishes a connection between marketing and the overall goals.  The content reaches the right prospect, at the right time, with the right message. Assessment of your existing plans includes candid questions that will challenge the “way things have been done” mentality that plagues many organizations today. Content examples includes Explainer Videos, Customer Success Stories, Blog posts, and more.


Agency Assessment

Are you currently using agencies to help with PR or social media? Are you considering going down this path for your marketing needs?

There are many good reasons to look outside for advice and expertise. Using our Agency Assessment template, we can help determine if you are getting the most out of these current relationships as well as help choose agencies.  This can be done as a project or as an on-going agency management to ensure that you are getting the most of these services.


Hiring & Mentoring

Looking to hire a full-time marketer? Does your current team need senior marketing mentoring?

We can help review resumes, participate in phone screening and conduct in-person interviews for your marketing team. Our experience allows us to ask the right questions, probe deeper into answers given, and provide overall strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, which helps you make better decisions on key hires. We can also develop in-house talent to be future marketing leaders. Taking the same approach to hiring, we assess strengths and weaknesses and “challenge current strategies” to build a solid foundation going forward.


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